Jodi Taylor Big White Butt For Big Black Cock


Jodi Taylor has tried a good amount of men but to her, the big black cock is something else. That kind of cock always has a place in her heart. With that thought, Jodi thought it’s a good idea to visit her friend, Sean Michaels, for some tender loving BBC action. As Sean chills in the couch, Jodi walks around nearly naked and ready for the action. She dramatically go closer to Sean by trying to be sexy as possible. When she arrived beside Sean and seeing him rock hard already, she smiles as she feels like she succeeded. But this can be improved some more so she grab a nearby dildo and starts fucking her pussy with it while making Sean watch. It didn’t take Sean a while to go ahead and do the fucking himself. He goes over and starts eating her out. Being a fucking tease, Jodi even tried giving him some footjob at some point. Sean now offers up his fat dick for Jodi to suck. She complies and starts taking the whole length inside her mouth, hence, making her slurp and gag in response. Sean liked it so much that he made her go to the couch and starts fucking her mouth himself. With that, they moved on to the real thing. Sean wants to insert his big, throbbing member to Jodi’s ass. Jodi took it as a compliment and offers her ass hole. Sean now starts thrusting his fat dick into her ass like there’s no tomorrow. At this point, he was given free reign to drag Jodi’s ass in any position he wanted. First, he lies down and made her ride that dick. She bounces up and down for a while until he wanted to do it himself until the end. So he made her go on all fours and starts pumping so hard that they transitioned into other positions and ultimately making Sean cum all over Jodi’s face.


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