Clea Gaultier Closes The Deal With Her Ass


Clea Gaultier is all about business. She’s ready to do anything to make a sale. Being a hot brunette, she’s quite sure that she has some things that only she can do. She spots a rich-looking guy outside. She prepares to do some business with him. Upon approaching him, she notices that he’s particularly a big man for her. But she didn’t back down and starts her pitch. Clea invited the man over to talk about the details. Little did the man know, he’s going to be offered with a deal he can’t refuse. They began touching each other to initiate the act. They now start to suck each other’s throat. Both of them are in for a treat. They undress each other to reveal concerned parties. Clea kept her garter belt on and nothing else. It’s quite frankly the best outfit she can wear because it really fits with her snow-white skin and slender, petite body. Speaking of things that fit, the guy’s big dick slides right into Clea’s mouth and cunt. They had so many introductions that she’s wet in default and just waiting to be impaled by him straight right into her great ass. Her offer to the man proves to be very useful and effective since the guy can’t stop pounding her cute ass. His huge dick is getting the whole reception. She occasionally gags on it to make things a little better for the guy. When she starts gagging on it, she even lets out a little moan after to tell them that it’s okay to be a little rough on her. After all said and done, the man is nearing his limit. Clea kneels and jacks off the man’s overly qualified dick and in return, it gave her the milky stuff inside her mouth.


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