Maddy O'reilly - Fun With Duct Tape


Being in a superior position can be really boring at times. Like, you’ll find a way to spice up your position. In rare occasions, you even give up your high position in life to fall down to the lowest and be treated like a slave. Like Maddy O’Reilly here. She is ready to be treated less of a person and more of an object to spice up her life and satisfy her unusual lust. Her mouth is taped shut and her ass it stretched open. She is sitting on the floor near the toilet and waiting patiently for her bbc master to walk in and fuck her up the ass until she can't take anymore. The redhead is given exactly what she wants. All her hardcore fantasies come true. In walks Prince Yahshua. He is ready to have his way with the all natural fuck toy. Maddy O'reilly submits to her black master and his domination. She has her face shoved in the toilet and rinsed off before he pulls out his big black cock and has the black owned anal whore start sucking on him. He establishes full ownership over the super whore before dragging her ass out of the bathroom so he can fuck her. Maddy gets no pussy attention. She is a worthless fuck bucket and needs to know it. Her pussy hole has even been closed up with the tape. Maddy O'reilly takes the big black cock in her tight asshole. She goes limp as he pushes inside of her backdoor. She is in sub heaven. The big ass redhead begins to cum with every thrust. She is as happy as she's ever been. Maddy is bent over doggystyle and given a hardcore anal fucking from behind. She then is tossed around the room to missionary and told to spread her legs until her black master is finished taking control of her asshole. Maddy O'reilly obeys every command until she is dropped to her knees and given a thick load of cum all over her face. The redhead anal slut is as happy as she has ever been.


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