Kleio Valentien Loves Anal Sex


Irresistible must be Kleio Valentine’s middle name. Being a blonde with big tits and nice face, she even has a nice body that has inks all over. To properly honor this lady’s beauty, they invited Prince Yahshua to let the viewer’s see what happens when a big guy ravaged her body. You know, just for fun. When Kleio is done teasing and undressing herself, Prince comes over to take a look of what he’s dealing with using his tongue. Prince eats Kleio out quite nicely. She eventually bends over to let him do her ass hole too. She did it with a smile even if she knew what will happen next. Prince now asks this beauty to lick his big black cock. Kleio shows a gift on dealing with his cock. It was too long for her mouth to handle but she made it work anyway. This talent is so rare so you must appreciate her doing it. But it wasn’t easy at all. Kleio occasionally makes gagging noises. Kleio faces the other way when she felt ready. Prince proceeds to fuck her ass hole. Prince is so packed that Kleio starts screaming right away at the start. Kleio now wants to lie on her back while being fucked by that dick but she kneels down first to wet the fat dick properly. She then proceeds to lie down and let Prince screw her hard. Prince lifts one leg and proceeds. After that, Kleio went back and forth from being fucked while she lay down and riding that big fat dick. She got used to it that her audible noises can only be a result of pleasure. Prince may have handled her like a fucking object but this didn’t stopped Kleio from having fun. Prince finished his business inside Kleio’s mouth. Kleio smiles at the end as if her ass didn’t get wrecked by a big black dick.


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