Harlow Harrison Is An Anal Fuck Doll


Having a porcelain skin and fragile looks, Harlow Harrison gets treated in the start like a glass. This fine piece of ass has a look that’s a mix of ‘nice girl’ and rebel emo. The art in her skin really suit her well. As she stand there, barely moving, Prince Yahshua gets to see what he’s getting into. He runs his finger on her body gently. (Note: This is the last time we’ll be using ‘gently’ in this video since Prince is pretty far from being that.) Prince slowly takes off Harlow’s cute outfit from top to bottom revealing her bush and big tits. He took his time in tasting every bit of her before taking out his magnum dong. When it’s actually out, Harlow know kneels before it because she knows that she is that big fat dick’s lowly subject. And being such, she gets to give it a proper handling by choking on it while holding on her dear life. Harlow’s previous blank expression now shows something. When that fat dick gets properly lubed, she bends over and spread her nasty hole. Prince helps himself for some anal. Surprisingly, Harlow seems unfazed by the fact that her very being is getting fucked by a monster cock. From time to time, you can see her… smiling. This might have triggered something in Prince that on top of destroying her ass, he got an idea to step on her face while still doing this. He holds her down in place by doing this and sometimes, just pushing down her face. But that doesn’t mean that he did all the work here. Harlow had the initiative to go on top and do some of it. Harlow takes the liberty to volunteer in getting her ass wrecked. Gender equality at work, lads. Harlow now kneels down for the last time to swear fealty to the monster dick as Prince jacks himself off to give her gratitude in the form of cum.


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