Eden Sin Anal Super Slut


You know that people has done some freaky shit to earn a title of ‘anal super slut’. Like Eden Sin here. She meets up with Prince Yahshua, an absolute unit of cock that will prove her asshole’s worth. Eden’s pale ass being penetrated by a big black cock gives a nice portrait for this. Eden comes in the room with a little piece of clothing and a can-do attitude. Prince is just chilling on the couch. She comes over and initiates this thing. Eden gives him a little kiss while they slowly undress each other. Unzipping his pants reveals his monster cock and unhooking her top reveals her cute tits. Eden starts shoving that fat dick into her mouth. After a good minute of her trying to put it all in her mouth, she showcases the rest of her body by bending over on the couch. Prince now gets up and starts playing with her pussy and asshole. They both know that it’s not slide in easily so they made sure to lube that ass up nicely. When they’re sure, Prince now tries to impale her ass with his cock. The first part is really nasty and uncomfortable to watch. It’s like a NASCAR car wreck— its really horrible but you can’t look away. Her ass stretches wide to entertain the monster dick and the she can only moan and scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. But they made it work. She eventually sucks on it again and lie on her back to take it again. Prince pins her down by playfully holding her head or neck to put her in place. When she got comfortable, she now rides that fat dick and moved on her own pace. This was near the end of Prince. He slams her in the couch to fuck her hard for the last time. He made her feel his gratitude by cumming into her mouth and making her swallows all of it.


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