Dana Vespoli: Pool Boy Fantasy


Hanging out in poolside is a typical hot summer day activity. Besides lying down under the sun or swimming, Dana Vespoli has other things she wants to do. With the help of her fat dicked friend, Sean Michaels, they’ll do some workout for proper sweating except the sweat will come from their nether parts and is actually cum. Stay tuned. Dana sits poolside, eyeballing this guy in the pool. Once the guy takes notice, he comes over with his dick already out. Dana now goes straight for the cock. With her big tits revealed, she starts sucking off, or rather, she starts gagging on his bib black cock. Dana must be a fan of such things since she goes at it for a while. When she’s done, she bends over for the guy and he rips her bathing suit open to reveal her ass. They did some preliminary fucking and moves on inside the house. Once inside, Dana is on her stomach while Sean eats her ass out. When she’s ready, she flips herself and spreads her legs. Sean now takes his dick on her level and starts embedding his fat cock in her ass. With her legs wiggling in the air as he fucks her hard, she rubs her pussy for efficient pleasuring. After some time, Sean grabs her ankles to take control. He pauses the fucking from time to time to give the ass a little kiss. Dana ventured in different position to have the fat cock hit her different spots inside her. After the previous one, she goes on top to have it on her pace but Sean just grabs her ass just jacked his dick off with Dana. Afterwards, Dana goes on all fours again. Sean follows suit. The last act shows Dana being fucked sideways. When Sean is ready for cumming, he hovers his dick on her face and sprayed her mouth with cum. At the end, Sean does a goodbye kiss with Dana’s tits and asshole.


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