Chiquita Lopez Needs Dick In Every Hole


The guys are having problems with their business. The problems seem like it has no end. One of the guys goes outside to have a smoke. Luckily, he found their solution pushing a cart of ice cream. He comes over to see the merchandise— all of them even the girl pushing the cart. He offers a ‘meat ice cream’ to the unsuspecting girl. She agrees and he pulls her to his friend’s office. Chiquita Lopez seems very keen on getting some meat ice cream. There are only 2 guys in the office at the time. The other guys offer to find some more meat ice cream in their work place. Chiquita complies and brings back 3 more guys. It’s like a festival of huge dicks only for Chiquita. Naturally, they all make her swallow their dicks and dump their cum in her. Little did they know, this Latina beauty actually swallows their loads and this pleases the guys. The next day, the guys invite Chiquita over for more meat ice cream. She was welcomed by a herd of dicks. What do you even call a herd of dicks? We don’t know. Anyway, that same herd barraged her and utilizes every possible part of her body to jerk off the men. Double penetration is not the best word to describe what happened after this. At one point, two large dicks are simultaneously inside her mouth while the others fuck her pussy and her ass. One particular hole looks like a bottomless hole because it’s stretches out so much. She can’t help but moan in her geographically ambiguous accent and asks them to be harder with her. Let us say that again. She asks the 5 guys to be harder with her. That dedication alone is worth a million bucks. The men took turns on dumping their load on that petite Latina.


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