Alex Harper Redhead Fashion Model Submits To Big Black Cock


HAVE YOU SEEN OR HEARD THE MOVIE CALLED BLACK COCK DOWN? If not, let us take you a good tour on what happens if it got a spinoff here at this place with Alex Harper, the red headed maiden and a part time anal slut. This fair-skinned chick visits Prince Yahshua to take up the challenge of getting some good action in her body by using the cock of ass destruction. After a seductive show and tell of her body, the big-dicked Prince enters the scene. Alex slowly teases his cock and taking it out for some good lovin’. While it’s true that she’s good at giving heads, she’s almost nothing when Prince’s fat cocked gets embedded near her throat. Gagging noises that echoed that room vouches for that. When they’re done with the ‘gentle’ hellos, Prince made her lie down and get ready on what’s about to happen. By lifting one leg, Prince proceeds to desecrate Alex’s ass hole with his might cock. It’s like a scene from a suspense movie. Alex’s face even gave it a nice authenticity to it. But this slut is a fighter. Prince gave her a choice to get on top eventually. She accepted and rides his cock, making it go all the way in her hole. She gets fucked balls-deep for a while before going back on lying down to have some ease of fucking. Prince slowly gets rougher and rougher in every beat he make on her pussy. She gets flipped over to be on all fours eventually to fuck this red head from behind. After this, they cycled around the previous positions until Prince was ready to give this bitch some proof of her good work. Kneeling down, Alex takes everything that came out of Prince’s dick and swallowing the damn thing with a nice expression.


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