Rebecca Volpetti Gets Ger Asshole rearranged by A BBC


Rebecca Volpetti


Rebecca Volpetti is horny and wants to have some fun with her stepdad, but his small cock is not doing anything for her. Thankfully a curious black man walks in the room at just the right time. Seeing he won't be getting any today, the stepdad leaves the room, leaving Rebecca alone with this black man, who immediately jumps at the chance to have some fun with this petite white girl. He starts eating her out, getting her nice and wet for his fat, black cock. Once she is nice and wet, he makes her choke on his massive dick which can barely fit in her mouth. Once his cock is slathered with her spit and snot, he decides it's time to gape that bleached white asshole. First, she rides his cock, then he takes her ass from the back. Then they do it all over again until the man decides it's time to finish the job. He makes Rebecca choke on his dick again and then blows his load all over her face and chest.


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