Daisy Rock: BBC Anal Rampage


Daisy Rock


Daisy Rock has been wanting to get her ass blown out by a big black cock for a long time, and finally she has the chance. As her black partner approaches, she immediately goes down on her knees so she can choke on that big dick. It's so big she can't even fit half of the dickey in her mouth, and it's not even fully hard yet. However, once the man is nice and rock-hard, he takes Daisy, bends her over, and goes at her from behind. First, he fucks her wet pussy, slipping his thump in her ass to feel it out. But soon, the man pulls his wet cock out of her cunt and shoves it into her tight little asshole. Daisy can barely take it, but she gives it her all. They change positions; now Daisy is on her back, but she is still taking it in the ass. The man can't take it anymore; he takes his massive cock out and cums all over Daisy's tits and face.


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