Alexa Tomas: More Than A Workout


Black-haired babe Alexa Tomas is a fitness addict. She wants to maintain her stunning figure through exercise alone. Alexa is doing her usual routine in the gym when her trainer suddenly approached her. The two talk to each other when Alexa starts being naughty. For Alexa, the best way to sweat and lose some weight is having intense sex. Alexa wastes no time. She immediately starts teasing her trainer with her voluptuous body. She bends down and rubs her thick ass against her trainer's crotch. It did not take too long before the trainer gives in to the temptation. He pulls down her gym shorts then eats her luscious pussy. Alexa can feel his playful tongue running wild in her pussy. The guy goes in front of Alexa and lets her suck his big black dick. The slutty babe is amazed by the sheer length and girth of the BBC in front of her. She sucks his cock like a delicious lollipop. After making sure that the cock is covered with spit, the guy sticks his big black cock into her pussy. Alexa can feel his large cock stretching the insides of her pussy. The sound of her moans echoes throughout the small room. The trainer pulls out his dick and aims it to Alexa's tight asshole. With one swift thrust, his BBC is completely inside her tiny backdoor. The two try to utilize every gym equipment they can use. They fuck on the bench, on the gym ball, and the yoga mat. Everything that can handle both of their weights is used for their pleasure. The guy continues to fuck Alexa. He slides his dick alternately into her pussy and asshole. The guy pulls out his dick to show her gaping asshole. He spits on his anus before trying to fit in his entire fist. The intense anal fisting made her asshole gape wider. The guy then shoots his cum into the large hole.


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